Something I learnt in 2017

  1. Cooperation life is not my choice
  2. Totally can’t fit in Vietnamese environment
  3. Still an Introvert
  4. Money is not the thing decide happiness
  5. Relationship: Take it easy, dont expect too much
  6. Don’t judge thing by what people talks, try and see
  7. Family cares you the most but also can suffer you
  8. People crave for fame which I wonder if it’s useful
  9. Don’t try to say Yes to all asked appointment
  10. FOCUS is the lesson, focus on the right thing, the right people
  11. Not everyone is your good friends (even some
  12. Experience is good for youth but then what worthy your time
  13. Don’t waste time, energy, money in parties, junk foods, wine, useless hangouts
  14. If you keep thinking about doing something, I should do it as soon as posible

Bucket list 2018

It always better to break down something big into small things. So does the bucket list. To achieve something WOW, we need to achieve something just conventional in our life. Or for me, having a new healthy habit/routine is also an achievement. Below is my bucket list for 2018:

  1. Drink lemon water in 21 days
  2. Sleep by 12pm, wake up at 6.30 in 21 days
  3. Gain weight: 82kg (to lean down)
  4. Read at least 6 books in 3 months
  5. Meditate at least 10 minutes/day in 21 days
  6. Write blog 1 post/2 days in 21 days
  7. Do trial IELTs Test and score 8.0
  8. New home for
  9. Instagram for menimalism
  10. Make money with the first project by June
  11. Cross out Laos in my travel list – South East Asia countries (done)
  12. Experience snow in Korea
  13. Review the past day in 21 day

Goals in 2018

2017 is such a challenging year for me since I pushed myself to do something totally strange and different. Meeting many new people, working in different culture, try to work and live in different style… those experiences are somehow really extreme for me to see the scene of the society and understand better who I am and who I want to be …

So 2018, this year, I dedicated it to do WHATEVER I WANT TO DO/TRY not for the sake of money, fame, status, but for the calling of meaningful life, true self and the dreams I always want to make them come true.


  1. Living style:
    • Apply minimalism in all aspect of my life
    • “Healthy” factor: Sleep early, wake up early
    • Be tough and self-discipline to be kind: Willing to say “No”
    • Meditation: At least 10 minutes/day
  2. Career:
    • Full stack web developer (May 2018) with Graphic design skills
      • Get in a company that shares the same values
    • Experience blogger
    • Make money with the first project (June 2018)
  3. Language:
    • IELTS 8.0
  4. Extrovert side:
    • Embrace old and new true friends
    • Deeper connection with family

I’m feeling low key and pretty like it

My mind’s having its own vacation


Have been a fan of Ed Sheeran (event he dumped me when he cancelled the concert in taiwan which I had been waiting for months to go there). Anyway, haha… his new collaboration with Beyonce and Andrea Bocelli is perfect like the song’s name.


26 tuổi, con tim vẫn có thể nóng để thực hiện một điều gì đó muốn, để trải nghiệm những gì chưa biết, tuy nhiên cũng cần giữ một cái đầu lạnh để tập trung vào một điều chuyên môn, những mối quan hệ quan trọng cho tuổi 30 sắp tới.

– Minimalism: mình thích con đường và lối sống tối giản, và từng ngày mình cần luyện tập cách sống, cách nghĩ và những thói quen đơn giản: Loại bỏ và chỉ giữ những đồ đạc, mối quan hệ cần thiết, tránh mua thêm, đem về những đồ vật không cần thiết, những mối quan hệ tiêu cực để tiết kiệm thời gian, tiền bạc, suy nghĩ hay nói cách khác là một tài chính ổn định và tinh thần tích cực.

– Finance: Không sử dụng tiền vào những vật chất hào nhoáng, dư thừa hoặc chỉ để đánh bóng, đi theo xu hướng để thoã mãn sự đánh giá của người khác, mỗi tháng tiết kiệm ít nhất 30% tiền lương.

– Công ty:

+ Ngôn ngữ chính là tiếng anh, có thể có thêm ngôn ngữ khác

+ Môi trường không gian cởi mở, mọi người tôn trọng và chia sẻ ý kiến đóng góp cho công việc chung

+ Công việc đánh giá dựa trên sự chủ động, trách nhiệm của mọi người chứ không đánh giá, gò ép, bó buộc theo thời gian

+ Mọi người đều có nội lực, có chuyên môn nhất định, ham học hỏi cũng như sắn sàng hỗ trợ giúp đỡ những người khác.

+ Công ty có sự định hướng rõ ràng về việc phát triển trong từng giai đoạn, cũng như mỗi cá nhân cần xác định mục tiêu phát triển của cá nhân


1. Do not pursue a job that does not give you complete authority.

2. Do not pursue a job that does not provide intellectual stimulation.

3. Do not pursue a job that does not provide fair compensation.

4. Do not pursue a job that does not allow you to be a strong foundation on the family front.

Credit: Le Duy Loan – The first woman and Asian elected to the rank of Texas Instruments Senior Fellow


That every night I’ll kiss you you’ll say in my ear
Oh we’re in love aren’t we?
Hands in your hair, fingers and thumbs baby
I feel safe when you’re holding me near
Love the way that you conquer your fear
You know hearts don’t break around here

“Like is afternoon”

“Like is afternoon” is “Thích thì chiều” in Vietnamese, its precise meanning is “do whatever you want”

What a great night for us who have been working damn hard, a night to remind us that we are still young to do crazy things.

Before the show, we did pregame with some cans of Heineken. Queuing so long in a endless line, we complaint the organization (for fun). Finally, we checked in, we jumped in Zone B without checking ticket (our bought Zone). Then we want to upgrade to zone A (which is better and more expensive) so we jumped over the fence in the surprise of many eyes watching us lol. Then we had the best place at the center to dance and enjoy the show. Right as the show ended, we were the first person to get the bike out, 2 guys 1 helmet… who cares. Try to pass police 3 times, we went home safe and sound without getting any fine lol

Haha I’m too rebelled but only in some harmless case 😉

About the night show, it’s great with nice remix music, nice effect with firework. Need more improvement about checkin area and protecting the fence lol (we passed it easily)

Anyway, Thanks Pulse Active for have been trying their best to bring international artists to Vietnam!




Sunday! Is it a lovely day not to sleep over the morning?

I really do enjoy my Saturday night drinking a bit with close ones. But sorry, 12am is my limit for drinking and hanging out. Reason? Enjoy my Sunday morning in a coffee shop, read my books, review what I have done, think about what I’m gonna do next. It’s such a quiet time to be myself, to calm down and reflect myself after a whole hectic week feeling tired and lost in directions.

Sometime we easily get on the rail then slip so fast, forget what we really want.

Now, slow down. Get on the right track!