Bucket list: #6 Conquer Fanxipang, the highest peak of Vietnam.


Pic 1. The gorgeous view from the highest peak in Vietnam

Complete day: January 20 2013

Target: Climb Fanxipang mountain to the highest peak of Vietnam with the height is 3143m and be topless (without any shirt on) haha.

How I complete:

Actually, I had a plan to conquer Fanxipang in 2012 summer. But at that time, the price of airplane ticket was so expensive. It would cost me about 4 million Vietnam dong (200 US dollar) for a round trip so I decided to delay it. Fortunately, In October 2012, there was a promotion of Vietjetair, a new budge airplane. I was waiting for the opening time of the promotion to try to get a free round ticket then I got it just only 160.000 VND (8 US dollar). How amazing it was. I was jumping up and down because finally, I could go to Hanoi for the first time and also complete one thing in my bucket list: Conquere Fanxipang.

(I want to skip the part in Hanoi, wearing short in the cold weather and wandering around to explore Hanoi, the capital of vietnam. haha )

On January 20 2013, after a few bus transition from Hanoi to Sapa, I started my climb with one local man and one girl also coming from Saigon. Maybe because we are just only 3 and had strong will so we approached the highest peak in 9 hours. The local guy told me that our speed was really faster than normal group. One big reason of going fast is : We was afraid that we would get so tired and couldn’t move to the highest peak if we stopped and slept at 2000m.  haha

So it’s about 4.30pm, January 20 2013, I reached the triangle mark of the highest peak in Vietnam. Woo hoo! It was an amazing feeling. You have to experience that feeling when you know that you are being the highest point in your country.

I stopped there in 20-30 minutes to enjoy the gorgeous view and take selfie haha. I even took off my tshirt to see how it cold there and took a few pics without my Tshirt. haha

And you know how careless and dumb I was. I took off my glass to have my better photos. I left it … somewhere. Then I jumped around to take pics. Then when we decided to come back our camp at 2000m. I found that somehow my glasses were broken, probably by my exciting jumps.  What the heck!

Going back my camp without my glasses was really terrible in the dark, wet and really cold weather. Finally, I ended all my trip happily except losing my glasses. Haha.

There were some challenges on the way: Rain, Wet, Cold, Fog, Tough Road, lack of good food,etc. but I love experiences and challenges. So many things to tell but I couldn’t have enough time to write down all 🙂 and don’t want to waste your time to read all as well.

There are some pics I took below. See and if you have any questions, please comment below, I will reply as soon as possible.


Pic 2. Take a short rest and have some pics 😛


Pic 3. She is my partner in this trip.


Pic 4. Finally, I did it. Woo hoo


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