Everybody wants a fit and good body. Everybody wants to be attractive and healthy. Some want lose weight and get muscle. Some want gain weight and get bigger. But do they do physical exercises or play any sports? At least go jogging around 30 minutes every day to keep healthy, get fit and recharge your energy.

Looking back at my body improvement. Now I feel so much better with my health and especially with my body. I used to try to go to the gym but quit just after one month. But then, I decided to go jogging then went to the gym every morning. Until now, I have been in the gym about 2 years and 8 months. Sometimes, I take cardio, go jogging on the street or go swimming instead. Some told me it’s really hard to go to the gym daily. “No time”, “Tired”, “Busy”, “Rain”, “Money”… Oh! For me, it’s all excuses, dudes! just 30 minutes – 1 hours a day is perfect for your health and body. That’s it.

These below pics can tell somehow I have improved my body until now.

2014 June: Selfie in my bathroom. hahaha
2014 June: Selfie in my bathroom. hahaha

So, Why don’t you spend a little time in you daily life to work out, lift weights, do yoga, take some exercises to get fit, get healthy and feel more confident on yourself. At least, you feel: Yup. “I’m living a healthy life.”

If you need a free personal trainer, contact me or comment below. I will give you my best advice I have.

If you need a mobile application (for Android only) that can show you some good work out program.  Click this link below. I with my two classmates made it.

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