Started my personal cooking class! Hell yeah

Well. I start to learn to cook with my “personal chef” hehe. Miss Lan is the person who makes all dishes for my sister’s family while my sister got pregnant until now. She is a wonderful women who can cook many Vietnamese dishes with good flavor and also tasty sauces.

I used to want to know how to cook for myself and for everyone but I couldn’t because I stayed in dormitory for almost 5 years. Now moved out to live in my sister house. I have to think to learn to cook some Vietnamese dishes for so many many reasons.

I want to list my reasons to motivate me why I should learn how to cook:

1. I love food.

2. I will live alone in Taiwan and will miss Vietnam cuisine so much. And I want to introduce my friends over there Vietnamese dishes.

3. After coming back from Taiwan, I want to move out my sister house, have my own kitchen so must know how to cook.

4. I like the feeling I make some hand-make, make my own dishes with my own taste, some thing really creative and I can enjoy my result.

5. Well. I want to cook for my friends, my family, my special.

6. Meeting with global friends, I want to make Vietnamese dishes to invite them. Food is a good way to make friend and be closer.

7. Open my own restaurant. It’s not a bad idea 😉

8. Want to make different kind of dishes, make birthday cake, make cupcake, make desserts, v.v. And give them to my beloved people. Sound meaningful and interesting.

9. Complete one bucket list (Write a book about Vietnamese cuisine).Sound challenging.

10. Keep my mind busy and doing something good.

11. It’s considered a survival skill.

12. Releasing stressful. I feel like cooking is a way to relax and also have a good time with my people.

13. For socializing, know one more thing is have more chances to make friend, talk to so many people. Everyone loves food.

14. I love to learn new thing. Learning how to cook is really exciting to me and keep motivating me to “stay hungry, stay foolish”.

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