Entertaining but useful as well, watch The Apprentice Asia!

You have free time and need a TV show relaxing to entertain but also want to open your mind, learn something useful for your life and especially for your career. So “The Apprentice Asia”, The Asia version of The Apprentice is the best one for you to enjoy, on my opinions.

The Apprentice Asia_White

The show got talents from Asian country and they take challenges each episode to perform their personality, potential, leadership, knowledge, attitude and skills to win the only chance to became the apprentice of Mr. Fernandes, the chairman of AirAsia airline.

Watching these top talents from different fields around Asia, you will see how talented they are, how they cope with every task they have, how they win the mission and also the reason why they are fired. By that way, you will see what you should learn, absorb from them and also avoid making these mistakes.

Personally, I’m ambitious and eager to learn, adapt new things, improve my skills to be the top so I’m addicted to watch this TV shows.

If you also love to watch this show, why don’t we discuss together about each competitor, each mission and each episode.

Link to watch online (Zing TV): Click here

BTW: I’m really impressed by Alex. He performs really well about his good personality, teamwork skill, leadership.


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