Yeppp! My TOEIC score 970/990

I was delightful to know that I got the highest TOEIC score in Wall Street Institute and even more surprised to accept the truth that : I got 970 out of 990.


Remember when I was about 12 year old boy. I got 1 for my English test. At that time, I didn’t know  how to make an English sentence in right grammar. Somebody told me that I couldn’t be good at language, words. But you know what. I have been keeping faith in myself. I love English: Songs, culture, living-style, etc. So even started from a low point, lived in a small town where nobody uses English in their life, their work, I luckily know 2 enthusiastic English teachers (Ms. Hanh and Ms. Kim Anh). They helped me have English grammar basic.

Moving to Ho Chi Minh City to study at University, I kept hoping and trying to improve my English. I admitted that I wasn’t really trying so hard but until now, by doing a lot of things such as being a member of a English club, reading books in English, studying English by myself, I feel my English is much more improved.

It’s not excellent enough but it’s still on the way. I keep trying to use English as native speaker.

Achieving this high score motivates me a lot. It’s just the right time when I’m gonna leave to Taiwan  TO STUDY MANDARIN. I have to say that I’m not elegant in using words, language but I just love studying it. Let’s see how my English get better and especially, I will master Mandarin after 9 months in Taiwan.

Keep faith in yourself. Trust your ability.

2 responses to “Yeppp! My TOEIC score 970/990”

  1. Well done! :))

  2. Congratulate you !

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