Settled down in Taipei

It’s about 10 days I haven’t written anything in this blog. I was busy at hell with doing some paperwork, preparing to go to Taipei. Even I came to Taipei, Taiwan already, I also had to spend most of the time searching online and offline to find a place to live in 10 months.

Luckily, just in 2 days with a lot of effort and the great support from my best bro Ben, I found a really good place in a good location (so near my university, 7Eleven, FamilyMart, a food street and a MRT station). Not cheap price but it’s really a nice one that I couldn’t ask for more.

Just moved in yesterday, unpacked everything, tidied up and also bought some necessary stuffs. Now I’m so ready to live in Taipei at least 10 months and try to gain a lot of good things, study and get a good time here.

For me, Taiwan is so good so far. Everything is much more better than other places I have been to. Hope this feeling will last long. The only concern for me right now is communication. Because I just only know Vietnamese and English. People here almost speak Chinese and Taiwanese, they don’t really care about English. So it’s hard for me to talk to them, order food, buy some stuffs (Almost the information is in Chinese 😦 ). My class haven’t started yet until August 25th. But I start to learn basic Chinese communication now.

Being here without my friends and family, so that’s mean I will have more time to do whatever I want. It’s such like a GAP year for me (I have to study Mandarin well if I want to have my scholarship stipend. Yeppp!). Will more posts in this blog, dudes! You will see a lot of posts in English and Mandarin (coming soon) about Taiwan, its cities, people, interesting things, about my feeling, study, thought, about life, love, career, etc. and also posts with many photos. 😀

Here are some pictures taken in Taipei, Taiwan:

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