Say Hi to Totoro

Instead of spending my time to study Chinese as usual, I decided to watch “My Neighbor Totoro”, a famous animation Japanese film. It’s really worthy to watch this one. Simple but full of joys. Animation is still my one of my most favorite film ever. Everything in animation films is simple and meaningful, from images,Continue reading “Say Hi to Totoro”

Gom đi gom lại về đơn giản.

Bên đây, nhiều thời gian một mình với một mình, mọi thứ cũng chậm rãi, đều đặn, tuần hoàn, mình cũng không phải hối hả, bận rộn, lo lắng suy nghĩ suốt mọi chuyện như hồi ở Việt Nam. Thì cũng đúng, thời gian sinh viên, áp lực ra đời, công việc, hướng đi mà.Continue reading “Gom đi gom lại về đơn giản.”

Yeppp! I can study management right now!

I just got the permission from the teacher of a management class to study that class. It’s really AWESOME! Last week, I tried to find a management class to take beside studying Chinese. I found one and tried to sneak into the class. I was excited to listen to the lecture of Professor Carol about management,Continue reading “Yeppp! I can study management right now!”

Bucket list: #49. Have the first ever photo in Studio : I’m a chameleon!

Usually, I feel like I’m a chameleon with many colors in my personality, my ability and my life. With so much experience since I was a child until now, some happened unexpectedly and some I made it happened. Been done some short-time positions (waiter, real-estate broker, trainee, leader, monitor, an officer,…) and also read booksContinue reading “Bucket list: #49. Have the first ever photo in Studio : I’m a chameleon!”

‘Cos you only live once, once!

Yeah! Recently, I feel much better. Everything is going really well. I love my Chinese, I love my friends, I love Taiwan, I love food, I love my class, I love my professor, I love my place, I love to travel more, study more. I love everything right now. So forget everything used to makeContinue reading “‘Cos you only live once, once!”

輝協 (HuiXie), why do you keep smiling every day?

That’s the question my Chinese teacher asked me when she just came into class. I told her that I haven’t  been happy recently, got problem with my personal relationship. This morning happened one thing that really made me too depressed. But what could I do? I try to stay positive and focus on the important and worthyContinue reading “輝協 (HuiXie), why do you keep smiling every day?”

Meaningful Words about Love from a bible

Just saw a post on my friend’s facebook. “It’s from a bible” as my friend said. I feel like I still need to learn how to be in a relationship. But one thing I’m sure, when you are too deep to something, you will be easier to lose control. I did and learnt from it.Continue reading “Meaningful Words about Love from a bible”

Chinese learning review: 2 weeks

Until today, I have taken Chinese class for 2 weeks. so how do I feel? First, my class: – My teacher is really funny and so nice to us. Even she is about 36 year old but she looks still young and always be full of energy. She usually say “Hen hao” or “Fei changContinue reading “Chinese learning review: 2 weeks”

My 2014 Mid-Autumn Festival in Taipei, Taiwan

This is the first time I have mid-autumn festival outside Vietnam. Because mid-autumn festival, lantern, moon cake, … they are all come from China so I did think that the Mid-Autumn festival here would be really special with a lot of fun stuffs and also nice decoration. But … NO! No decoration, No lantern. JustContinue reading “My 2014 Mid-Autumn Festival in Taipei, Taiwan”