My 2014 Mid-Autumn Festival in Taipei, Taiwan

This is the first time I have mid-autumn festival outside Vietnam.

Because mid-autumn festival, lantern, moon cake, … they are all come from China so I did think that the Mid-Autumn festival here would be really special with a lot of fun stuffs and also nice decoration. But … NO! No decoration, No lantern. Just moon cake and barbecue.

Vietnamese still have to work this day but Taiwanese have a day off today so… many stores closed, library closed too. so I just had breakfast and learn Chinese at Starbucks then I might have just stayed and enjoy this festival at home. But Mario, my flatmate asked me to go to Elephant mountain to see fullmoon. A gorgeous pic of taipei city with the moon? Sound attractive to me. So I decided to go. The weather was too hot. And poor me and someone thought the same as me, the moon is on the other side of mountain, not the same. But anyway, I got a good time going out around.

Some pics:


Taipei city at night


You can see the full moon 😉
IMG_1535I and Taipei 101


A couple 😛


Suddenly, I saw this gay performing this thing :))


It’s really interesting to see this kind of play! I used to see it on Television in Vietnam when I was a little child.

This song, The moon represents my heart, is a really famous song in China and also in Vietnam. Good rhythm and also meaningful lyrics.

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