Chinese learning review: 2 weeks

Until today, I have taken Chinese class for 2 weeks. so how do I feel?

First, my class:

– My teacher is really funny and so nice to us. Even she is about 36 year old but she looks still young and always be full of energy. She usually say “Hen hao” or “Fei chang hao” to encourage us to practice Chinese. She also usually make a lot of joke to make us laugh and relax. So she is one of the most friendly and funny teacher I have ever had. Don’t have any complaint about her.

– I have 5 classmates from Japanese,  Venezuela, Russia, Turkey and Panama. Of course I’m the only Vietnamese in the class. Everyone seems to be nice and enjoys the class. I really wanted to have some girls in my class but quite a little bit disappointed to know we don’t have any girls in class. It’s still okay anyway. Hope that we will enjoy and know more about each member.

Second, my Chinese (Sure!):

– So now I have been learning some basic conversation, not enough for an interesting conversation but at least to start a conversation. The important thing is pronunciation. I can practice my listening, writing and reading skill at home but my speaking skill is still bad. Sure that everyone gets trouble at the beginning steps. As a Vietnamese, my native language doesn’t have pronunciation for “J”,”Q”,”Z”,”SH”,etc. So it’s hard for me to pronounce right. And you know. I also have trouble with my tongue. My English speaking is not much fluent and even when I speak Vietnamese, my own native language. My Vietnamese pronunciation is not correct at 80%. There is a story about my speaking ability when I was a child. I couldn’t speak clear every word and was joked a lot by other kids. It has been improving year by year. I know my weakness. Communication is not all about correct pronunciation. Anyway, I need to practice everyday and often to correct it.

– I usually spend a lot of time at home and library to do homework. It’s good because all my homework are always above 90 out of 100. But right now, I think that I need to find a way to practice speaking and Chinese conversation. Yes! I have to. Will write another post after 1 month study. I must tell you at that time:  Yeah, I can communicate to local people here, discuss with them some regular topics.

 And … photos as usual haha:


My “Hen Mei” (beautiful) teacher


Haha! Russian, Japanese and Venerudela classmate


A small quiz about Chinese characters. I’m good at this small game ha :))


Usually being in the library to study. I have to say. I love to study here. So quite, easy to focus, so comfortable and also save the electricity at home :))

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