Bucket list: #49. Have the first ever photo in Studio : I’m a chameleon!

Usually, I feel like I’m a chameleon with many colors in my personality, my ability and my life.

With so much experience since I was a child until now, some happened unexpectedly and some I made it happened. Been done some short-time positions (waiter, real-estate broker, trainee, leader, monitor, an officer,…) and also read books in many different fields. Especially, I love to experience, listen to the stories of interesting people in life then trying to figure out what’s wrong and what’s right, travel to the places I haven’t been to.

I like this quote from “Albert Einstein”: I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.

Yes! I’m not excellent at one side, but I can be good at some sides. The best thing I feel proud of myself is always being positive and trying to get better in everything.

Until now, I feel satisfied with the way I have been being on and feel no regret ’cause I have been trying and experiencing. Strong confidence and steady believe in myself come from some success I got and also from the failure that taught me valuable lessons.

Just let me alive. I will work out everything. Stay strong and beat the limit.


I look quite serious but I also often make jokes and some told me you are really funny and sincere.

I work hard but also play hard.

Marketing, Sale, IT, Operation, Hospitality, Entertainment, Service, Business, … I can work well in those as long as I try and I want.

I’m a social person but I’m definitely a family person.

I’m sometime quiet but sometime talk a lot.

I like western living style, open but I also have something consistent of an Asian country I don’t wanna change.

I look cold outside but I like to do something surprising and sincere for others.

I like pop, ballad, country songs but I also love r’n’b, dance, electronic.

You can ask me to stay and enjoy at home or you can ask me out to do any activities even the pub, bar!

You can travel with me to natural places or artificial places. I love both.

I like reading books, learning about the culture but I also like to watch entertaining TV shows.

I can make friend with many people around the world in many sections, fields, levels and jobs but I just want to be in relationship with one.

I love travelling but finally, just enjoy most at my own cozy place.

You will see many sides in me ’cause I’m a chameleon.

The first ever photoshoot in Studio
The first ever photo in Studio

Completed one in bucket list: 49. Have the first ever photo in studio.

My brother, Ky Thuan Tin, one day asked me to take the photo with the 1st Runner Up in a beauty competition. I hadn’t experienced this kind of thing before. So just do it! and Bang! I got my first ever photo in Studio. Don’t ask my naked photo. I just took off my Tshirt. Haha. That’s it.

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