Yeppp! I can study management right now!

I just got the permission from the teacher of a management class to study that class. It’s really AWESOME!

Last week, I tried to find a management class to take beside studying Chinese. I found one and tried to sneak into the class. I was excited to listen to the lecture of Professor Carol about management, global business and also about many things about being a manager, a leader in an organization. I really want to study this whole class so I decided to make a confession to her and hoped she would allow me to study her class. At least just come and listen. Then she asked me to ask the permission from the department that is responsible for my scholarship program. I already knew that I’m allow to do everything, except taking part time jobs and illegal things. But I still asked my language center. They just told me that I should ask the professor.

Today, I was quite nervous and also felt confident a little bit. I showed her my enthusiasm and excitement by paying all attention to her lecture and also raising my hands a few times to answer the question. I approached her in break time to ask her approval. I was gonna convince her with many “big” words but she immediately answered: “You can take this class illegally but have to put your name into the list (to make namecard”…. AWESOME! I just know to say “Thank you”. And then I approached her again just to ask her one more favor. “I don’t need (actually I really want to so I also say) … or I’m not allowed to form a group, right?” Because I was not sure whether I was allowed or not.

But I was shocked to heard : “You can”. I also just knew to bow my head down and say “Xie Xie! Xie Xie (Thank you! Thank you!). Finally, I had my own group. They are really nice Taiwanese students. We will work together, do presentation and learn a lot good things.

So beside Chinese, I will study Management for 4 months. (Will take another class after that). Actually, taking a business/management class in Taiwan was already in my plan when I was still in Vietnam. Yeah! Awesome. Just one more activity in my plan need to take. Will! Sure!

I have to say that: Beside the exciting feeling, I also feel a little bit of nervous, worry and pressure. Because I will be more busy, less relaxing, more studying for this class, because when I took it, I really mean it seriously. I don’t want to disappoint my professor when she did allow me to take the class, and also I don’t want me to perform not well. Especially, to perform well, study well, communicate well, I need to use English really efficiently and properly when I talk, I write, I read, I present anything to the class. Many business, economic words I haven’t known before.

But above these obvious feeling, I take them as a good challenge to take over, to learn, to step out of my comfort zone, as a good opportunity to know more, to practice and learn leading and management skills.

I love it!


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