Say Hi to Totoro

Instead of spending my time to study Chinese as usual, I decided to watch “My Neighbor Totoro”, a famous animation Japanese film. It’s really worthy to watch this one. Simple but full of joys.

Animation is still my one of my most favorite film ever. Everything in animation films is simple and meaningful, from images, characters, stories to sound tracks. For adult, life turns to be complicated and many things happen everyday. Living simply is one thing many people wants  but it’s not easy at all. Sometimes, watching animation films is a good way to forget everything complicated and troubles in your life, to pretend to be a kid who never think about what happens when he grows up, to recall about what life should be, to rethink about the values in every relationship in life and also to appreciate you are still alive.


One response to “Say Hi to Totoro”

  1. This is my all time favourite film. If I’m having a rubbish day I pop it on and voila instant happiness. It is uplifting and fun 🙂

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