5 Ways Retailers Trick You Into Spending More Money

Reorganize the store


1. Reorganize the store. Because 90% people are right-handed the store will make you go with the flow to the entire store!

2. Expensive to less expensive:  First, passing to the most expensive stuffs then the less expensive ones. They will make you look through all the stuffs even you just find something on sale to buy.

3. They focus on who you shop for. It means they will display you first the stuffs for those who you are shopping for and then at the end you will see something for your self-interest. And this time, you will feel “I need to reward myself after doing all necessary tasks”

4. Try to match the music as the customer generation. As the research study, when the music doesn’t match, people are spending more shopping time than they actually are and may give people negative shopping experience … less spending.

5. Maximize when people wait to check out. People bounce to have some “impulse buys” like magazine, lips,… That’s why you will see near the cashier, there are a lot of stuffs you might want to buy.

So watch out, guys! Now you will know the tricks and know what to focus to buy, what to be ignored. And for those who will open the store. Hope you guys will learn something to maximize your profit.

Reference: http://www.businessinsider.com/retail-store-layout-plans-spend-money-2014-11



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