I. Chinese language


1. 付 – fu4 (v) pay
2. 收 – shou1 (v) receive
3. 打折 da3zhe2 (vo)to discount
4. 美金 Mei3jin1 (noun) US Dollar
5. 台幣 tai2bi4 (noun)Taiwan Dollar
6. 拿 na2 (v) to take
7. 換 huan4 (v) to exchange
8. 銀行 yin2hang2 (noun) bank
9. 字典 zi4dian3 (noun) dictionary
10. 房租 fang2zu1 (noun) rental cost
11.電費 dian4fei4 (noun) the electricity bill
Making the paragraph: 

II. English Language


Advance grammar: 
1. The present continuous with some state verbs is used to emphasize a situation is temporary or for a period of time around the present.
I’m loving being alone. (Just for the time of being in Taiwan)
The song “Blank Space” of Taylor swift is sounding really good now. (Just for a period of time)
At the moment, I’m liking my new life at all. (Maybe Temporary)
2. Some verbs (find, realise, regret, think, understand) use the present continuous to emphasize that we have recently started to think about something or that we are not sure about something.
I regret that I decide to tell her the truth and I’m regretting my decision not to give her the chance to explain.
We rarely use (Agree, believe, conclude, know, prefer) with the present continuous.
3. Some verbs (apologize, deny, guarantee, promise, suggest) can be used with the present continuous to perform the action:
I’m suggesting her take that class to study Chinese.
4. Modals are often used with performatives to make what we say more tentative or polite
We WOULD advise you to go there on time.
I MUST beg you to keep this a secret.
Making the paragraph: 
I have been living in Taipei for 3 months and I’m loving being alone here. It’s okay to be alone because I’m liking my new life here. Not sure about settling down here but at least Taipei is so good so far compared to Vietnam (I’m not suggesting that Vietnam is a bad country to live). I’m still thinking about what kind of job I will work, I’m also realizing what kind of life I want to live. I believe I’m doing the right things in my life. I would remind you that we just only live once so shouldn’t spend your time to please anyone else but you.

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