I. Chinese:

Food vocabulary

泡菜 -pao4cai4:  (noun) pickled vegetables – cải ngâm.

燒 – shao1:(verb)cook

薑 -jiang1:(noun)ginger.


II. English

Present continuous: 

We can use with adverbs such as always, constantly, continually or forever to emphasize that something is done so often that it is characteristic of a person, group, or thing:

You’re constantly changing your mind.

He’s always complaining everything.

Note for using After/the minute

When we use After, When, Until, As soon as, Once, By the time, The minute/second/Moment, after that is:

-The past simple – refers to past, completed events.

+ The minute I told her that I would I leave Vietnam to Taiwan, she decided to break up with me.

-The present perfect- refers to future events.

+ After I has left Taiwan, I will be having a great job in Vietnam.

Note for the first time

After the pattern It/This/That is/will be the first time -> use the present perfect.

(a past event) That’s the first time I have been to a concert of one of my favorite international singer.

(a future event) It will be the first time I has enjoyed Chinese New Year in Taiwan.

After the pattern It/This/That was the first time … we generally use the past perfect

This was the first time I’d gone up to the highest peak in Taiwan.



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