A little talk with my mom

Since I knew that one day, I would make much decision about everything in my life and for my mom, it could be surprising for her. I took the first step to talk with her more about my own views of life. One of our little talks, she gave me an advice:

“It’s the best for you to marry a high school teacher, she will be your caring wife while doing well at her teaching job. she has good moral to know what right what wrong for a firm family….”

 I smiled and told her: “Don’t worry mom, everything I have been doing never disappoint you, right mom? I’m knowledge and conscious enough to at least know what fundamental things to do, also what kind of life I want to live in. I don’t want to live with someone I don’t love, have a job that I don’t passionate work for it and live a life that isn’t happy as the way I want. The eventual thing you want for me is to be happy, right? Don’t worry mom, I’m sure that I won’t let you down and worry about my life. I will work everything out by myself and have a good life. Trust me as you always do”

Thank mom, you have been though the most terrible things in life. It’s time to have good days!

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