1. Practice meditation.

Hmm.. I used to take it but quit then. My mind has many things to think about. Will need to get use it starting by taking meditation 10 minutes every day.

2. Spend more time with loved ones.

Being alone in Taipei now. At least I try to enjoy my time with my good friends here. When going back to Vietnam, absolutely enjoy time with my loved ones.

3. Get enough and better sleep.

Yeah. Practicing now. Go to bed around 11-11.30, wake up at 6.30.

4. Read more.

Yeppp. Business Insider and Ted are my favorite channels.

5. Travel more.

I’ve traveled a lot. Love travelling. Each week I go to see a new place in Taiwan.

6. Take personal days.

Sure. Saturday or Sunday is my personal days.

7. Stay clutter-free.

Look at my room or my desk you will see.

8. Simplify your life by getting rid of items.

Sure! I have saved money by thinking thoroughly before taking any stuffs to my home. Also relationship.

9. Go outside your comfort zone and try new things.

Yeah! I’m enjoying stepping out of my comfort zone.

Chop Engraving
Chop Engraving

10. Pick up a hobby.

Sure. Gym and travel!

11. Take a class.

Haha. Chinese class and Management class are my classes right now. Love them.

12. Exercise.

EVERYDAY! I love exercise to keep my body fit and healthy.

13. Take the time to talk to your parents.

Yup. I take my time to talk to them every weekend.

14. Take regular nature breaks.

I love nature. Being in the nature landscape is super-comfortable.

15. Visit a national park.

Have visited some, YangMingShan is one of the best. Daan National Park is the nearest one. Gonna go to Taipei Zoo soon.

16. Stay positive.

Always! It’s my personality.

17. Save more.

Always! I know what I should spend money on.

18. Perform random acts of kindness for people.

Yeah! Love to make people surprised and happy randomly.

19. Start a gratitude journal.

Everyday I wake up, I appreciate my life, being alive, being with great people, doing what I love. No regret just grateful.

20. Volunteer.

…. I volunteered a lot in university. Need to complete the last task in Taipei: Find an organization to volunteer.

21. Don’t bring work home with you.

Reading book and doing my homework are my daily tasks. Usually do them at home. I hope the library near my house open public soon so I can go there everyday to focus on.

22. Give people the benefit of the doubt. 

Its quite hard to understand the point here. Anyway, life is full of doubt. I explain them by my actions and results.

23. Eat healthy and well.

Sure! I love my eating style now. Not fancy but always under healthy consideration.

24. Recycle.

I try to maximize recycling and use effectively the sources.

Use a milk bottle!
Use a milk bottle!

25. Be honest with yourself and other people.

Sure! I always want to be honest with myself and don’t want to lie to any one.

26. Speak up.

I love to speak up any matters, discuss what right what wrong to do. Easy to get conflict with many people. They have their own opinions, some are really conservative, being stuck with old-fashioned, unscientific thoughts. Anyway, the outcome of any debate or conflict for me is to make clear my point about that matter.

27. Find a mentor.

WOW! Yeah! I have my own mentor, the best mentor who always be by my side and support me unconditionally. Many things have been positively changed with the support from my mentor.

28. Let go of the past.

I never never regret anything in the past. Always appreciate what has passed to give me the present. Even the sadness. Only have one life to live so focus on the present. The day today will be the day in the past. Doing well today means good days in the past. Have better life.

29. Join a community or organization. 

Uahhhh. Being busy with my stuffs and my plan give me no time in Taipei, also by language barrier. No excuses! I do want to join in an organization and volunteer for the social/community. Will spend time to find out.

30. Get rid of harmful chemicals at home.

Sure! No alcohol, no bad food, no harmful chemicals.


Yes! I’m having a healthy and good life now. Love my living-style and what I’m focusing on.

Here what I should engage in my life (actually, I have wanted ):

First, Take meditation: Will try to get used to it everyday step by step.

Second, Find a suitable organization to volunteer for!