Why Was Cathay Pacific Just Named The Best Business Class Airline In The World

This is the brief note about why Cathay Pacific was just named the best business class airline in the world.

Beside another things that makes an airplane gaining the good reputation like customer service, always-on-time, there are 2 main points that help Cathay Pacific Business Class stands out:

1. The first is the exclusive lounge.

Do you have a business class ticket? Yes! Welcome to the greatest exclusive lounge in the world in Hong Kong. With plenty of space, each space has different and special decoration. Being in this awesome lounge, you are served with the plenty of options for your meals from Chinese style to Western style, from light-meal to main meal.


2. The second is the most comfortable cabin with fully recline.

With thoroughly designed cabin, you will have fully flat bed and knee space to sleep on your side. Not enough pillow? Feel at ease to ask a flight attendant to give you large pillow or duvet. You can entertain yourself by watching some new movies, listening to new music albums that have been updating constantly by Cathay Pacific. Need to be quite? You have your own noise cancelling headphone. Out of battery? You can charge your devices in your cabin. About the meal, you won’t complaint about the airplane food anymore with Cathay Pacific when they offer you multi-course to fill your stomach. Quality meals with great dessert, plus a piece of high quality chocolate 😉

Noted by Hubert Cu. Source: Business Insider.

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