Yeppp! My first little achievement in studying Chinese

It’s so pleased, grateful and especially motivating to receive this letter knowing that I eventually won the first prize on essay competition in elementary level (I just started to study Chinese for 4 months from ZERO).

Step into the class, sit down and suddenly, a women working at the office (I met her several times before) came inside and approached me for giving me the letter. I thought they could remind me of applying for the health insurance because one of my classmate was reminded about it yesterday. “My health is totally good, I do physical exercise everyday so I’m really fine, don’t need to buy health insurance. And I just don’t have much money to buy health insurance. Is it okay if I don’t pay any cent for the health insurance”, that’s what I was gonna say to her. Haha. But then, I quickly opened the letter and the pleasing feeling swept away my tiredness of being busy recently, being “dramatic-affected” from my sisters. The words ” The first prize” were enough for me to know what happened.

Furthermore, my knowledgeable, professional, lovely and friendly Chinese teacher came in with the cheering voice. She already knew the result and excitedly congratulate me. Feeling grateful.

Little happiness.

Little achievement.

Little motivation.

Little encouragement for me to keep believing in what I’m doing, keep trying.

Well done, dude!

Congratulation letter
Congratulation letter
My essay
My essay

One response to “Yeppp! My first little achievement in studying Chinese”

  1. Hiiii!

    Congratulations for your great achievement 🙂

    Its been such a long time that we havent talked to each other. Hoping that you are doing very well in Taiwan (hehe for sure you are 😉 )

    Wish you all the best in life abd dont stop sharing your stories in blog cause I love to read it 🙂

    Have a nice day ^^

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