“The last days in Vietnam” – A stunning documentary film about the South of Vietnam in 1975

Seeing the nominees list of Oscar 2015, I was stunned for a few seconds to see there is a documentary film with the word “VIETNAM” nominated for the Best Documentary for the 87th Academy Awards. I did some search about this documentary and watched it. An stunning movie with real and colored scenes about the South Vietnam around 1975, about the HUGE EVACUATION of the US army and many South Vietnamese citizens by commercial airplanes, army helicopters or even boats. Some boats were sank in East Ocean (South China Ocean). Kennedy tells the gripping tale of the men who did their damnedest to uphold American honor and personal responsibility.

I have some friends coming from the evacuated family in the US so “Last days in Vietnam”,  it’s an eye-opening movie to know clearer about that black period … of course from the view of the US government as well as some of their South Vietnamese allies. So definitely, not difficult to see there doesn’t have any news in Vietnam talking about this documentary film.

“Saigon in the past is really beautiful and developing” – One of my friend said. And it’s true, it was developing. On the other hand, 40 years already but I feel like Saigon haven’t changed so much for many years !!!

History is history, nothing to do with it but still worth watching to know.

Easy to find on Google, Youtube if you want to watch :

Last days in Vietnam

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