Apple just released a great new Macbook and costly Apple Watch!

I’m impressed and attracted to the design philosophy and also how “smart” and beautiful Apple devices are. With the new release today for the new Macbook and Apple Watch.

The new macbook
The new macbook

For me, the new Macbook is really stunning for its thinnest, lightest, redesigned keyboard and appearance, longer battery, and especially for its Retina Display.

Apple Watch
Apple Watch

But the Apple Watch is totally wasting-money watch. Some reasons:

– It works along with iPhone. With a tiny screen, how it could be comfortable to read news, check things while you have to bring your iPhone along.

– The most terrible thing: The battery just lasts until 18 hours so you have to charge not only your iPhone but also Apple Watch everyday. I used to use Nike fuel band, its battery lasts for about 3-4 days but charging it often just makes my life waste more time and complicated.

– Waste more time and make your life more complicated. Yes, I just said it. People nowadays is being disturbed and “robotted” when they keep checking their Facebook, reading news, doing stuffs on their smartphone every minute. Get on a bus or metro/subway and see. So having more a “smart” watch, I feel it won’t help your life better and more convenient, just make your life more isolated.

– Finally, for me, somehow Apple Watch is just a playing-around and showing-off stuff. And the new Macbook completely got my attention.

This is the interesting link to see one reason of Apple devices’s success :

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