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You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take

It’s one of the most significant lessons I learnt through my life. if I haven’t given a try for each opportunity that I felt “I can’t get it”, some great things or people have never came up to me.

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” – Wayne Gretzky

If you never attempt and see, you definitely miss one chance. Why don’t you give a try? If you make efforts and get it, that’s awesome. And even you don’t make it, you already learn valuable lessons, my friends. While being happily satisfied with everything in your life, you also need to keep pushing the bar of your own higher and higher and try to challenge yourself beyond the limit.

Dont hesitate to apply that quote in life: study, scholarship, competition, career, challenge, language, culture, travel… and also love.

Me in Yushan, the highest mountain peak in Taiwan.  Credit: Wenhann Tsai

Me in Yushan, the highest mountain peak in Taiwan.
Credit: Wenhann Tsai

Time flies so fast

Yes. I still remember the first day I just came to Taiwan, was excited to start my days in Taiwan. And now, it’s my last night in Taiwan.

My feeling is … weird now. Sad and empty. I feel like I still can’t believe that I’m gonna leave when I wake up tomorrow.

So many good things I did in Taiwan, many beautiful places I have been to and many good friends I luckily know them.

I have learnt and somehow changed my thought, my mindset about everything, everyone around me.

I can’t say more while many things are recalled, pop up and down.

Thanks a lot Taiwan, especially my good friends. I’ll miss everyone a lot. Will see you guys soon. Definitely.

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Sharing Vietnam to NTU Students

9 months ago, I was in the room 202 Freshman Building to hear the introduction of my very first Chinese class.

August 2014

August 2014

May 20 2015, today, I showed up at that room again but to be the person on stage sharing with some people about Vietnam.

May 2015

May 2015

How interesting is life!

These National Taiwan University students will be going to Vietnam to do volunteers so I was asked to share some interesting information about Vietnam. Hope my interesting talk will make them more excited and ready for the trip.

They are so cute to prepare a certificate and a really cute card to thank me for the talk. FullSizeRender


So cute

So cute

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Please behaves morally and professionally

Don’t admit that I’m an easy one. I’m ease-going, sometimes really reflexible and “anything is okay” But

I can’t stand and really hate the attitude lacking of responsibility and moral in everything.

“Cause I don’t wanna fall in love, If you don’t wanna try”

For me, I love music for many reasons. One of the best reasons is that some songs seem like to be written based on my own stories.

“Say You Love Me” by Jessie Ware is the song that just made me get goose bumps and so emotional.

The last few days in Vietnam waiting for the trip to Taiwan, I hesitantly asked:

“Cause I don’t wanna fall in love

If you don’t wanna try” 

I believed that:

But all that I’ve been thinking of
Is maybe that you might

Even I tried, but it didn’t work out since you said “So Busy” and:

Baby it looks as though we’re running out of words to say
And love’s floating away

It ended by the one who couldn’t stand the up and down suddenly emotion. Didn’t ask you to do anything, I just needed to know you still have any feeling toward me or not

Just say you love me, just for today
And don’t give me time ’cause that’s not the same
Want to feel burning flames when you say my name
Want to feel passion flow into my bones
Like blood through my veins

I sucked all in, kept myself busy doing my plans and sometimes still gave a try to get connected but nothing good in return. One day, it’s kind of the feeling of extrication when I don’t think of you everyday, every morning I wake up. Also a little bit blue…

An inspiring story from Michelle Phan

I have no interest in make up but I’m inspired so much from the life story of Michelle Phan.


The best things in life are unexpected.

I suddenly asked my friend today: Do you have any plan next years? Do you know what things are coming up to you? My friend smiles: Yeah! You know: the best things in life are unexpected.

I couldn’t agree more with his answer. Yes. So so so many good things, good friends have came to me that I really didn’t expect  much.

I think we can’t know what it will be tomorrow, next months, next years. So just live passionately and authentically. Put your effort and your soul into your work, your people. and The good expected will come up to you.


Met Ma Ying Jiu, the President of Taiwan

Besides conquering Yushan, the highest peak in Taiwan last year, this year I had a chance to meet  Ma Ying Jiu, the President of Taiwan. I can’t ask for more. I’ve had great time in Taiwan.



Gặp gỡ với tổng thống Đài Loan, Ma Ying Jiu. Hoàn thành leo núi cao nhất Taiwan, Yushan, giờ nhờ đoạt giải lại gặp thêm tổng thống Taiwan, một khoảng thời gian đáng nhớ ở Đài Loan.

Có câu chuyện vui bên lề thế này: Nghe mình bắt tay với tổng thống, bạn mình nói ” 不好!Không tốt, xui xẻo rồi”.Bạn giải thích vì khá khá sự kiện trùng hợp, mọi người, đặc biệt giới trẻ tin và thêu dệt nên câu chuyện: Cái bắt tay của tổng thống mang lại sự không may mắn cho người khác. Dù sao thì đối với mình, câu chuyện này cũng làm cho kỉ niệm ở Đài Loan thêm đáng nhớ 🙂

Photo credit: 吳姝叡

Happy Birthday To Me

Happy Birthday To Me

It’s been a great year so far for me. Indeed! Many good things have happened, many good experiences I will never forget, many good friends in Taiwan Im so lucky to know you.

Wish myself luck and keep living passionately and authentically!

Thanks a lot, everyone. Its fate that let me know each one of you. Let me give you a warmest hug when we see each other.



Happy Mother’s Day

Cách đây 2 năm, sau bao nhiêu chuyện khó khăn mẹ trải qua, không tin khi cầm tờ giấy thông báo mẹ bị ung thư, sau đó là khoảng thời gian đưa đón, ăn nằm ở bệnh viện với mẹ. Phẫu thuật và tái khám hằng tháng sau một năm thì bệnh mẹ may mắn cũng khỏi. Chỉ có bệnh lắc nhắc và thỉnh thoảng lên thành phố khám bệnh.

Từ lần đấy, thì cũng không ngượng ngùng mỗi lần rời nhà đi xa, ôm mẹ chặt một cái, nói nho nhỏ “thương mẹ”. Nhớ lần đầu, mẹ cũng “đáp trả” không kém.

Hôm nay, ngày của mẹ, bạn mình hỏi nên làm gì cho mẹ, mình nói cứ về gặp mẹ, ôm mẹ một cái rồi nói thương mẹ là được rồi. Bạn kêu không làm được. Mình hiểu vì con trai Châu Á không có thói quen này nhưng nhớ lần mẹ nói “Đời người sinh lão bệnh tử”, thì chuyện một thằng có thể dễ dàng nói với người yêu “Anh yêu em” thì tại sao không thể ôm và nói với mẹ mình “Con thương mẹ”, đặc biệt trong ngày của mẹ.

Ngoài hành động, lời nói cũng quan trọng không kém.

Happy Mother’s Day!


從那天起,每次我離家,不太害羞抱她,對她說“我愛你”。還記得第一次,她的反應:抱我,抱得很緊 哈哈

我了解亞洲男生很害羞跟母親說我愛你。但是,我媽說 “每個人都會經歷生老病死”,我們很容易對愛人說“我愛你”,所以為什麼不能對媽媽說“我愛你”,尤其是母親節的時候。:D


With my beloved parents in my graduation day

With my beloved parents in my graduation day

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