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Don’t know why I keep suddenly waking up around 5am these 3 days. Now, I’m staying up, thinking about many things in my life.

– Great job, dude! You got 2 out of 3 as you expected. Besides that, no need to apply, some great companies are offering you attracting positions. Many have no choice but you have choices. More confident than ever. Throw back to the past, everything seemed to be vague for you. You’ve worried about everything, that’s how you keep trying to figure out, to do well. Now it paid off.

– Bad dude! You’re still not good at something and feeling you not doing anything to improve them, as not self-discipline and self-control as you before. The excuses can be your busy, your loneliness, your personality. But … you know you can control better than this, be less distracted from others.

To keep moving forward, you have to push yourself and keep improving yourself!

And … the one and only, come and comfort me.

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