Encouragement instead of judgement

Getting over some fears inside me and I feel the criticism people did to me in the past, it’s really really evil.

They criticized me, they abused me for me being not perfect. One particular example, my weird voice. I got so much trouble with my voice since I was a little kid. With speech disorder, I always mispronounce every single word. And honestly, my voice was little feminine so they kept abusing me by laughing at my voice. I couldn’t do any thing by holding myself not talking any words, by feeling nervous every time I speak up a word, worrying people will laugh at my voice. Even when I reached the age of puberty, my voice was cracked and changed. (During that time, my teacher abused me by calling me “drake’s voice”) Even my Vietnamese pronunciation was improved a lot, but my self-esteem and my fear always keep me hiding in corners.

But I did make a fight, showed them that I was not behind of them.


When I was a kid, I was so different to many of them. People thought I’m nothing but with speech disorder. I was so much behind of them.

And now, I was still so different to many of them. But I have done many better than them. And this never-give-up spirit will keep me going further.

So please! If you can read it, please don’t kill the confidence of anyone by criticizing them, saying bad words to their imperfection. Because you just make them hold them back, even leading to suicide. Especially to the kids, they are really easily vulnerable and still need time to be their own awesomeness.

Let’s encourage people to be imperfect, to be themselves, to shine in their own lights. And even in daily life, just some encouraging words can instantly make people feel great and yes, it’s a good day for them and for you.

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3 responses to “Encouragement instead of judgement”

  1. No… My impression on you is different!
    Do you remember you were the pioneer to be the first one make a speech in our meditation course? While everyone, including me, were just hestitating to say something? Though you talked a lot, it was good and full of good words and your emotions. Honestly, I never thought with such an big guy like you could talk a lot like that! :))
    And I don’t think you have a feminine voice now. 😉

    1. Actually, I am still nervous to be the pioneer but I always want to push me forward. 🙂 Feeling better 😀

      1. Yeah, and that’s what I really admire you!

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