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Bucket List: #48 Go Scuba Diving

Being attracted and impressed by how beautiful of the marine life is with gorgeous coral reefs and exotic underwater flora and fauna. So I have been wanted to try the feeling diving deep down the sea. No more waiting. I make it again. Not just only dive one time, but 4 times and became a certified scuba diver with Open Water Diver (able to dive to the 18meters depth). Yay!

There were difficulties to learn (sure!) but after you get over it, it’s an freaking awesome feeling, particularly, you are floating deep down the ocean, watching many flora and fauna you haven’t never seen before. Let’s step out of your comfort zone, give a try to go scuba diving or take some days to became a certified scuba diver!

There are 3 posts coming soon for Vietnamese reviewing how to take and complete the course in Nha Trang, Vietnam. If you have any questions or need any information, just comment below. “Stay hungry, stay foolish”.

Now, time for 25 Best Places To Go Scuba Diving. I will go to one of 25 these places next week. *feeling excited”

The door to open to the marine life

The door to open to the marine life

Me with the suit on. haha

Me with the suit on. haha

Big thanks to bro Huan, an experienced and enthusiastic scuba diving instructor

Big thanks to bro Huan, an experienced and enthusiastic scuba diving instructor

Feel free to discover everything under the sea

Feel free to discover everything under the sea

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How ISIS Stays in Power | Benedetta Berti | TED Talks

This is a really great talk making people understand better about how ISIS or non-state armed groups stays in Power and many people are supporting them?!

(I, You, people, might luckily not be in the fight with ISIS now but we have to know the causes and effect of everything going on in our Earth. This is knowledge to prevent something happens in the future or even just learn something from it to apply to our life. Such as violent power and non-violent power in this talk. )


These groups do way more than just shoot. They multi-task. They set up complex communication machines radio stations, TV channels, Internet websites and social media strategies. And up here, you have the ISIS magazine,printed in English and published to recruit. Armed groups also invest in complex fund-raising — not looting, but setting up profitable businesses; for example, construction companies. Now, these activities are keys. They allow these groups to increase their strength, increase their funds, to better recruit and to build their brand.

Armed groups also do something else: they build stronger bonds with the population by investing in social services. They build schools, they run hospitals, they set up vocational-training programs or micro-loan programs. Hezbollah offers all of these services and more. Armed groups also seek to win the population over by offering something that the state is not providing: safety and security. In general, providing social services fills a gap, a governance gap left by the government, and allows these groups to increase their strength and their power.

So in this new contest between states and non-states, military power can win some battles, but it will not give us peace nor stability. To achieve these objectives, what we need is a long-term investment in filling that security gap, in filling that governance gap that allowed these groups to thrive in the first place.

Source: Ted talks

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Thank you, Taiwan!

First morning in Taiwan

First morning in Taiwan

I have studied one more beautiful and rich-of-culture language. Now I can talk to so many people in English or Chinese if I want.

I met many good people in Taiwan who are really kind and so nice to me, taught me about being good, polite and enjoying being yourself.

I pitifully denied an offer to be a potential manager in a global company but now Im having more opportunities to step beyond the country to the world out there. One awesome program and a potential job are already in my hand. so It’s the strategy: slower but steady.

I did have some prizes, good score, done some in my bucket list.that I would have never completed if I had lived in Vietnam.

I changed my mindset somehow about many things: friendship, study, life, happiness, work and also love. I defined clearer what I want to do, how my life I want it to be and accepted who I always am.

And now, I’m ready for the next promising journeys.

Thank you so so much, Taiwan. You are the second national country in my mind.

Thank you my friends, people in Taiwan. It’s you who has made my time in Taiwan so much memorable and valuable.









“Some people die at 25 and aren’t buried until 75.”

There is a saying:

“Some people die at 25 and aren’t buried until 75.” – Benjamin Franklin

For me, these people literally die before 25, not wait until 25. Cause they just didn’t do anything to be the one who decides his own life. The mark at 25 is just the point everything pumped to them and made them realise: “Oh I’m not able to change anything although I don’t like the things I’m doing”.

Actually, at any age, If you don’t like what you are doing, Change! Have courage to pursuit what you really want to do or even start finding what it is.

Never too late to live the way you want.

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