Thank you, Taiwan!

First morning in Taiwan
First morning in Taiwan

I have studied one more beautiful and rich-of-culture language. Now I can talk to so many people in English or Chinese if I want.

I met many good people in Taiwan who are really kind and so nice to me, taught me about being good, polite and enjoying being yourself.

I pitifully denied an offer to be a potential manager in a global company but now Im having more opportunities to step beyond the country to the world out there. One awesome program and a potential job are already in my hand. so It’s the strategy: slower but steady.

I did have some prizes, good score, done some in my bucket list.that I would have never completed if I had lived in Vietnam.

I changed my mindset somehow about many things: friendship, study, life, happiness, work and also love. I defined clearer what I want to do, how my life I want it to be and accepted who I always am.

And now, I’m ready for the next promising journeys.

Thank you so so much, Taiwan. You are the second national country in my mind.

Thank you my friends, people in Taiwan. It’s you who has made my time in Taiwan so much memorable and valuable.









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