How ISIS Stays in Power | Benedetta Berti | TED Talks

This is a really great talk making people understand better about how ISIS or non-state armed groups stays in Power and many people are supporting them?!

(I, You, people, might luckily not be in the fight with ISIS now but we have to know the causes and effect of everything going on in our Earth. This is knowledge to prevent something happens in the future or even just learn something from it to apply to our life. Such as violent power and non-violent power in this talk. )


These groups do way more than just shoot. They multi-task. They set up complex communication machines radio stations, TV channels, Internet websites and social media strategies. And up here, you have the ISIS magazine,printed in English and published to recruit. Armed groups also invest in complex fund-raising — not looting, but setting up profitable businesses; for example, construction companies. Now, these activities are keys. They allow these groups to increase their strength, increase their funds, to better recruit and to build their brand.

Armed groups also do something else: they build stronger bonds with the population by investing in social services. They build schools, they run hospitals, they set up vocational-training programs or micro-loan programs. Hezbollah offers all of these services and more. Armed groups also seek to win the population over by offering something that the state is not providing: safety and security. In general, providing social services fills a gap, a governance gap left by the government, and allows these groups to increase their strength and their power.

So in this new contest between states and non-states, military power can win some battles, but it will not give us peace nor stability. To achieve these objectives, what we need is a long-term investment in filling that security gap, in filling that governance gap that allowed these groups to thrive in the first place.

Source: Ted talks

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