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日本語:02/29: #2 Number

Basic things: Number for today’

0 zero 〇

1 ichi 一 いち

2 ni 二 に

3 san 三 さん

4 yon 四 よん

5 go 五 ご

6 roku 六 ろく

7 nana 七 なな

8 hachi 八 はち

9 九 きゅ

10 juu 十 じゅう

11 juu ichi 十一 じゅういち

12 juu ni 十二

20 ni juu 二十

21 ni juu ichi 二十

22 san juu 二十二

40 yonjuu 四十

100 hyaku   百



It’s own

If it’s our relationship, our happiness, do we need to share it out loud to people around us? Does it make our happiness a little more happy by the likes of everyone?

Or we just focus on the moment we stay together. Share our photos, our story by meaningful ways.

Happiness is from us, born from our feeling, isn’t it 🙂

日本語:02/28: #1 How to go there

This Friday night, I will fly to Japan for nearly a week. What should I know? Some Japanese survival phases:

  1. I don’t speak Japanese. Please speak English


(nihongo ga wakari masen ga。eigo de onegaishimas)

2. Where is this place

ここわどこですか(kokowa doko desuka)

ここ(koko this place)、そこ(soko that place)、あそこ (asoko overthere)

3. This is?

ここわ。。。ですか?(kokowa … desuka)


ここわバス停ですか?(basutei … Bus station)

ここわえきですか(eki – station)

ここわくうこうですか(kuukou – airport)

4. I want to go + “place”

Go to (place)

=> (place) + へいきます( place + he ikimasu)

I want to go to (place)

=> (place) + へいきたいです(place + he ikitaidesu)

How to go there

どうやっていきますか ( doo yatte ikimasuka)

5. Go straight then turn right

まっすぐいって右へ曲がって(massugu itte migi  (right) he ma gatte)

まっすぐ・まそ(massugu/maso : straight)

みぎ(migi : right)

ひだり(hidari: left)

うしろ(oshiro: step back)



Japanese challenge

So start from today Feb 28th 2016: I, Hubert, promise to myself, record my Japanese learning process everyday on this blog. Please support me! ありがとう


Put your health first, lesson from neighbor

<Tiếng Việt bên dưới>

Before ending my last day in my hometown, I have a great conversation with an uncle who has been watching me grown up. It’s about health and I feel like he was just saying out my thoughts.

“In the past, every wedding party, my friends always push me to drink beer but I refused to drink much and prefer water only. Now you see, they all got beer belly and some disease, guess what they now just drink water in wedding parties”

“My relative brothers asked me to come over for drink many times. But I can’t. I have job, I need to spend time on working, on doing good things, not to waste my time to harm my health. They told me I look down on them. I don’t. they look down on themselves.

“You know what. Drinking with your friends, clients is a must, a think of socializing… BUT  make sure under your control”

” I wake up at 4.30am everyday and play badminton 1 hour. you see, I still look good, no belly and my friends are always jealous of me. haha”

“When you get old, you know that your heath is the best treasure you can wish for, not the money”

“Many people when they get sick or need to be in hospital, who will suffer, not only them but their family are in worry, take days off to take care of them, spend all saving money to cure for them. So if you love them, put your health first. Not in the future, right now”

Đêm cuối trước khi lên thành phố, đứng nói chuyện với chú hàng xóm cạnh nhà hơn 20 chục năm, chú nói về sức khoẻ. Mình cứ mỉm cười gật gật mãi vì chú cứ như đang nói thay cho mình:

“Hồi trước, lũ bạn đi đám cưới xung đòi ép chú uống bia, chú chỉ uống tí rồi uống nước suối thôi. Giờ xem, đứa bạn cũng bụng bự với cả đống bệnh, giờ chỉ dám uống nước suối thôi đó”

“Chú ngày nào cũng dậy 4 rưỡi sáng tập thể dục, đánh cầu lông. 6h về lo nhà cửa dọn dẹp. Ăn uống cũng chú ý chút. Xem, chú khoẻ mạnh đâu có bụng bia đâu. Tụi bạn nhìn cứu ganh tỵ haha”

“Anh em họ hàng nó hay rủ chú nhậu mà ai thời gian đâu ngồi cà kê cả ngày. Còn bao nhiêu công việc quan trọng phải làm chứ rảnh đâu đi hại sức khoẻ mình. Dù tụi nó kêu chú chảnh nhưng mình không thể làm vậy được”

“Uống thì cần uống vì xã giao nhưng không vì thế mà uống không có kiểm soát được”

“Con còn trẻ, khi con lớn tuổi con sẽ biết sức khoẻ là quý giá nhất, chứ không còn là tiền bạc nữa.

“Khi con người ta vướng bệnh tật rồi, lo chạy chữa thì ai là người khổ, không phải con đâu mà là gia đình con, nghỉ làm, lo lắng, tiêu hết thời gian tiền bạc chỉ vì con . Nên nếu yêu thương người khác thì nên quan tâm tới sức khoẻ của mình trước. Không phải trong tương lai mà là bây giờ!”


Little happiness

This morning I saw this surprising thing on my working desk.

Thank you for making my day and reminding me of making people happy by little things. At the first time I saw you in the states I already knew that you are a sweet person and I told you that before leaving

Some might call us old-fashioned in this fast-moving technology world, but the long-lasting happiness comes from the little things with the heart.


Long live mom

Yesterday, I (with my family) was so shocked to hear a bad news that a doctor found out my mom’s liver has some small tumors inside. He advices my mom to check again in another big hospital in Ho Chi Minh City. I could hear the sadness through her expressing voice and the only thing I should do is hoping that the checkup would be fine.

And today, while working, I had been waiting for the result. I called her several times. And the call in the afternoon, I heard a soft and happy answer from my mom: She’s fine! The Xray checkup told my mom that there is no tumor inside her liver.

My family is so relieved and happy for her, the strongest and most wonderful women in the world I have ever known. I bet you will admire her through her life stories. She used to fight again the stomach cancer, and a lot of things I shouldn’t tell in public.

Long live the best mom!