Long live mom

Yesterday, I (with my family) was so shocked to hear a bad news that a doctor found out my mom’s liver has some small tumors inside. He advices my mom to check again in another big hospital in Ho Chi Minh City. I could hear the sadness through her expressing voice and the only thing I should do is hoping that the checkup would be fine.

And today, while working, I had been waiting for the result. I called her several times. And the call in the afternoon, I heard a soft and happy answer from my mom: She’s fine! The Xray checkup told my mom that there is no tumor inside her liver.

My family is so relieved and happy for her, the strongest and most wonderful women in the world I have ever known. I bet you will admire her through her life stories. She used to fight again the stomach cancer, and a lot of things I shouldn’t tell in public.

Long live the best mom!


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