1. What is YSEALI?

YSEALI: Young South East Asian Leaders Initiative, is a special program sponsored by the US Government, the idea of Barack Omaba to bring young leaders in South East Asia to the U.S several weeks to be exposed to the culture, environment, to see how the US citizen shape their history, build a strong community and sustainable environment.

2. What is your theme?

Civic engagement, “Công dân tích cực”, this theme is to let me have a general understanding about the history, the truly american culture, to learn how the local government connect with everyone no matter what where you come from what religious you are by encouraging and solving each by each problem effectively.


3. Tell us a bit your experience?

I had a wonderful 5 weeks in the states. We were exposed from the midwest, Omaha, where is hometown of Warren Buffet, a truly american land, to the West, Portland, a weird city and to Washington DC, which you all know is the capital of the USA.

My host university is University of Nebraska Omaha. Thanks to them, everyday is a new life-changing experience. We met some NGO, local government, even Hillary Clinton in person, we joined in some special meeting, conference, talked to local and international student, we visit some church and mosque we spent good time and learn from each other.

4. What is the most memorable thing in the trip?

So difficult to choose one because everything is memorable for me. Its my first time to stay with 20 talented young leaders from South East Asia, each one has very special thing I can learn from. Oh, funny thing that I didn’t expect to see the house of Warren Buffet, to have a selfie with Hillary Clinton and a handshake with her and even Barack Obama later.


5. What did you get out of this trip?

  • America is a great, diverse country. No matter where you come from, you can integrate easily into the society
  • How the leader reach out to the citizen and enthusiastically solve the problem.
  • A great understand about the culture, the history, the good and bad thing
  • Learn from US people and also 20 delegates from 9 countries
  • No perfect society, even America, Japan
  • We should be proud of being Vietnamese, we have weakness but also the strength. We should thicken the strength and improve the society.
  • I feel like I understand a lot about the communities around the world and even myself. I feel peace better in everything I do, in the society, I accept the good and bad things in everything.


6. Why were you chosen ?

Tall like American. Just kidding. My english is just okay, but maybe I’m interested in how to improve the society, what young people should focus on to improve their life and make everything better. I have some experience in social activities, in leading voluntary groups. And one thing I can say: I’m positive and enthusiastic.

7.  What do you want to do after this experience?

Now, I need to focus on my career first since I just started life after university. I keep trying to encourage young people to believe in themselves, work hard, keep their mind positive. Work-life is busy, I try to do something for community, big or small. And I’m conducting a project to improve the health of Vietnamese.

8. What if I want to have more information about YSEALI?

Keep in tune and apply for it.

The official website: https://youngsoutheastasianleaders.state.gov/

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/youngsoutheastasianleaders/

YSEALI website in Vietnam: http://vietnam.usembassy.gov/yseali.html

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