20s: Busy work life


The thing I or may 20s have been afraid after getting into busy work life is losing the curiosity, some little interests and the joy of trying and learning many new different things in life. Also how about time to spend with family, friends and community engagement.

(Bros, you really have to be grateful if you are still a student)

What if we all do the same things everyday: Open up your eyes, hurriedly pass hundreds of motorbike to get on work on time, grab a quick breakfast then start dealing with work, then get out of office, do work out to recharge energy (I do), do dinner then do laundry, ironing, try to catch up with some texting, fall asleep then… Repeat. And sometimes, somethings in your to-do list keep popping up in your mind day by day but you haven’t finished yet and end up in tiredness.

That is when you think about how you want to live the rest of your life. Money, Power or Happiness of the moments. It’s not about the balance, I think it’s about the priority and choice.

Well, every single stages have different struggles, I guess . 10s about yourself-definition, study orientation, 20s about job and future. Hope we all keep our eyes bright and attitude positive.

(Trying to get my writing habit back)

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