2017: Turn everything to motivate you

Motivation is a really important thing to get you go further. there are kind of things to motivate you like:

  • Travel to somewhere you always want to
  • Get a house owned by your name
  • Work for yourself, no worry about boss and time checking
  • Move to a city
  • Financial freedom

Even like Gatsy, his dream girl is the biggest motivation. So do some of us.

But those are some kind of big targets and we need long stable run to achieve. meanwhile, so many things happen every single day (negative included like broke up with bf/gf, accident, bad mood, boss scold, some failure in career, etc). We all admit that. Somehow many people stopped trying because of not overcoming these life obstacles.

So I think that the Optimism is really important to keep us head up and keep moving forward to every goals.

An example: A glass with water at the halfway point. The optimist is said to see the glass as half full and the pessimist sees the glass as half empty.

But life is not that glass which still has half full. Sometime, we can only feel like life is a glass without any drop of water… and I know it’s really suck… terribly.

Based on my experience, there were times I thought how life would get better. But I tried to comfort and gave another shot. Although I still consider myself of being successful in career now but still achieve many things that a boy in a small town could never imagined.

Today, I unluckily lost my wallets, no worry about money cause I can earn it back but all my important cards like ID, driver license, etc. they are all lost. And you know you don’t feel good when it happened on your first day of new year. Then I calm my mind… okay, it’s all, I know replacement will waste my time a lot and get me headache with some kind of documents but it’s still a chance to:

  • Get new ID card made by PET material with new photo (since the current photo is 10yo ago, and no one think it’s me)
  • Time to go back and replace my passport since I usually get denied because the current passport got trouble with the code scanning. I guess one time It got wet. They advice me to replace it for less trouble next times.
  • One-two days off, no work, no factory visit. phew (feeling bad but good haha)
  • The document to replace motorbike driver license is so complicated (When it come to something that I have to deal with the local government, I hate it) so I take it as a motivation to work harder, get rid of going around the city by motorbike, willing to pay for taxi, Uber and Grab.

Yup! Motivation! Motivation. You can turn it to a motivation that drive you to work smarter and harder.

This is my sharing that I wish you can turn everything to motivation and achieve your goals in 2017.

Happy New Year!

New Year's doodle card


3 responses to “2017: Turn everything to motivate you”

  1. Haha. Nice try anh, losing wallet = motivation?? :)) I have lost my drive license for years and had no idea abt it, and I dont think I will try to get it back. Btw, nếu là e bị xui vậy thì sẽ kiếm một đứa bạn chịu ngồi nghe e càm ràm, rủ nó đi ăn hột dzịt lộn (đang xui lộn lại cho hên) và uống 1 chai bia yêu thích xong mới có thể thực sự bình thưởng trở lại :v

    1. Haha. Anh cũng có suy nghĩ y chang. Anh tìm thủ tục làm lại thì thấy quá là rắc rối, mất thời gian nên định không làm. Haha, anh cũng có bạn hỏi thăm nên thôi kệ.

      Bữa nào ra làm chai bia với anh nha!!!

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