Focus, work harder & smarter

Suddenly wake up at 2.30AM, couldn’t get back to sleep, I read through some news  about Ho Chi Minh city (will be having a complex underground metro system, some very positive projects building up,…) and then some information about the places I have always wanted to see, then popping up in my mind is where and how I’m standing right now and what I really need to seriously work much more on…

“You will have chances to go abroad, have room to develop and make big impact” – the director in Tokyo convinced me to stay with the current company. And I know I’m putting so much effort on the current company with some goals and plans.

But deep down in my mind, I know that I should take more time to work more on my own project. It’s something that I can build my own business, control my finance and life better no matter what happens.

So just a post to remind myself of concentration, what really matters and worth my limited time. Work harder! Sure! But also must be smarter.


2 responses to “Focus, work harder & smarter”

  1. Feel like your inner voice called you up in the middle of the night to write down this note

    1. haha. maybe because I slept a bit earlier last night em 🙂

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