Yay! Early promotion

Who says Monday is blue! For me, at least this Monday is a great day. I had a feedback meeting with my boss and HR and they congratulated me on my early promotion. Early promotion, it’s not a common thing in Japanese company when everything is set step by step.

When I just started with the current company, I set my target: Jump 2 levels as fast as possible. Some senior coworkers told me that it’s almost impossible and difficult to achieve.

I just think:

  1. How can they assess everyone has the same working ability. There are some guys who is really suck and some guys who stand out with skills, languages and creative.
  2. The evaluation is based on performance. So as long as we can show how we give the best result, we can convince them to give us exception.

And yes! I did get early promotion, earlier than other guys, same level with some seniors.

Hey guys, especially young people:

  1.  Believe in yourself, work our best and set high target.
  2. Don’t trust senior or older 100%, it’s a must and respectful to listen to them, but give some judgement if their opinion is true or just black/white depend on situation.
  3. Work hard, be smart, but don’t keep yourself in silence, speak up your opinions, show them what you have done, it’s not about showing off, it’s all about recognition.

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