“Respect” in work relationships

It’s been 2 years I started working in big companies (Government, Global and local companies). And something I want to write down (like so let it go) is about Respect in Work relationship.

Somehow people/coworker/partner (we can call “all peers”) in our work network really affect how we feel about our working environment, how easy or difficult our work is. I know everyone is different, the way we network with everyone is different. But I do think the attitude really play an important role here.

I really really hate some mindset like: I’m your boss, so I have the right to be cocky, jump into the middle of your conversation or “I’m more experienced, I’m always right and you’re wrong, listen to me!” Or I also hate : “I’m your senior, you better shut up and listen to me, follow my idea”.

From my experience and what I have been embracing, while you’re working, if you respect everyone, no matter what position they are, they can be your manager or they can be your subordinate, they’re older or younger than you, everything will be easier a lot, people feel more comfortable to talk with you, share with you and also respect you in return.

No one like a jerk, a showoff, a cocky one and everyone want to be respected, to be treated nicely. So … Smile and Respect everyone.

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