Why needs a smart watch/activity tracker?

Having a break time now, I’m thinking about smartwatch or fitness tracker. They are getting popular now since everyone easily has Xiaomi Band, Apple Watch, Misfit. I call them “toy” in this post.

For me, it’s just a toy and not necessary … at all , compared to other classic and simple watch.

Why need to to spend more money to buy them?

  • Check the time: ….. use the classic one, you don’t have to charge for years. You have to charge your “toy” every night, every week, every month, every quarter… No sense.
  • To track our sleep: Bullshit, do you really check how did you sleep last night Seriously. You trust the watch more than your own feeling? And the truth… do you wake up and check your “toy” every morning? I say EVERY morning. No! you don’t. even every Week. You only check sleep quality when you just have your “toy”
  • To count my step and calories: Bullshit! Same above words. your toy calculate the figures correctly? and do you even check them on your toy everyone. Friend! It’s all about taking exercise, taking action! not about looking at non sense number!
  • To call/listen to music/read message/get direction: Oh, you can do them all with your smartphone. One smartphone is enough to get you busy. your Toy is just making you more busy and tired.

The only reason I can understand is to look fancy, stylish or different. If you buy them with that purpose, I agree, as long as you have money and you like it. But consider well if you think it will make your life more efficient, save time and stay healthy. Actually it doesn’t.

(If you say “shut up! you don’t have one so you don’t know anything”, sorry I have the very first activity tracker called Nike wristband. I liked it, crazy about it then I left it in a corner and end up selling it to someone.

But I don’t mind if you buy me one on my coming birthday. lol It’s free. Why not?

P/s: I like Apple Watch btw)

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