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It’s so easy that many people, even your family don’t understand what you’re doing (or they just don’t want). But you keep staying cool, strong, determined and consistent to what you stick to. You’re just following what you believe it’s your OWN way. Sometimes, it fucks you up, you adjust your way, but it’s still the road you want at that moment. In some just-hi-and-bye people you call “my friend”, you try to have “connection” but it’s just disappointing when the mindsets are so different but there is someone who can “speak your language”, love to “ride this ride” with you and willing to be your “witness”. That’s how you feel grateful and appreciate. “Witness” of Katy Perry is a great song about that meaning. And the whole album is a very different colour of her from what she had been doing. New colour but still her, someone very brave to do whatever she wants no matter what people is judging her. #fuckthem #itsyourway.

We’re all just looking for connection
Yeah, we all want to be seen
I’m looking for someone who speaks my language
Someone to ride this ride with me
Can I get a witness? (Witness)
Will you be my witness? (Witness)
I’m just looking for a witness in all of this
Looking for a witness to get me through this

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# A I C H O A I

Anh cứ đi, đi tìm tình yêu mới
Tôi đứng đây, ôm trọn tình yêu cũ
Nhắn gió mây gửi đến anh đôi lời
“Sợi tơ duyên, đứt đi rồi có nối lại được không”