Something I learnt in 2017

  1. Cooperation life is not my choice
  2. Totally can’t fit in Vietnamese environment
  3. Still an Introvert
  4. Money is not the thing decide happiness
  5. Relationship: Take it easy, dont expect too much
  6. Don’t judge thing by what people talks, try and see
  7. Family cares you the most but also can suffer you
  8. People crave for fame which I wonder if it’s useful
  9. Don’t try to say Yes to all asked appointment
  10. FOCUS is the lesson, focus on the right thing, the right people
  11. Not everyone is your good friends (even some
  12. Experience is good for youth but then what worthy your time
  13. Don’t waste time, energy, money in parties, junk foods, wine, useless hangouts
  14. If you keep thinking about doing something, I should do it as soon as posible

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