Giới thiệu

When you need to solve or just to know something, you seek for information, for help. Will you get what you’re searching for if everyone just seeks but doesn’t share? Life is give-and-take. I have been experiencing new things day by day and the experiences I shared is positively helpful to many people, especially my young friends. This is the main reason I public this blog. Besides that,this is a personal blog, I surely will share some personal stories but in consideration and with positive messages.

I hope you will find something useful for your needs. 

Some information: 

In Taiwan

Name:                Cù Huy Hiệp (Hubert in English and 輝協 in Chinese)

Personal trait:   Hard-working, Self-discipline, Sincere, Dynamic, Lively, Optimistic.

Interests:           Travel, Photography, LanguageHealthy lifestyle, Music, Sharing, BookExperience.

Language:         Vietnamese, English, Chinese



Fitness Website:  

I always try to keep balance in everything in life, live passionately, love wholeheartedly, help enthusiastically, work dedicatedly and play enjoyably.

Have a great day!

One response to “Giới thiệu”

  1. Hi, I find your blog when I’m looking for resources to study english. I thought you are an old man with mature and thorough life experience at first, but then I finally get surprised by your picture. Anyway, thank you for posting something positive and so meaningful, and I’m very glad if we could be friends from now on. Regards,

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