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日本語:02/29: #2 Number

Basic things: Number for today’

0 zero 〇

1 ichi 一 いち

2 ni 二 に

3 san 三 さん

4 yon 四 よん

5 go 五 ご

6 roku 六 ろく

7 nana 七 なな

8 hachi 八 はち

9 九 きゅ

10 juu 十 じゅう

11 juu ichi 十一 じゅういち

12 juu ni 十二

20 ni juu 二十

21 ni juu ichi 二十

22 san juu 二十二

40 yonjuu 四十

100 hyaku   百



Japanese challenge

So start from today Feb 28th 2016: I, Hubert, promise to myself, record my Japanese learning process everyday on this blog. Please support me! ありがとう


How old can you still study a foreign language

Do you think that when you get older, you can’t study anything by your bad memory or any reasons. Look at this picture below and swallow your excuses.

They are studying Chinese from 0 (That means the very basic words). Seeing how take class everyday and actively do their homework everything boosts me up and give my motivation.

Grandfather and grandmother studying Chinese from 0

“If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart.”

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The first prize in CLD 2014 Chinese Competition Essay




Just went to the awarding ceremony to receive my award for the first place in CLD 2014 Chinese Competition Essay- Elementary Level. I feel inspired after all I have been trying to do. Keep moving forward.

Professor Lin Horng-Jia, the head of  the head professor of the Chinese Department at NTU

Professor Lin Horng-Jia, the head of the head professor of the Chinese Department at NTU

The certificate and the prize


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Yeppp! My first little achievement in studying Chinese

It’s so pleased, grateful and especially motivating to receive this letter knowing that I eventually won the first prize on essay competition in elementary level (I just started to study Chinese for 4 months from ZERO).

Step into the class, sit down and suddenly, a women working at the office (I met her several times before) came inside and approached me for giving me the letter. I thought they could remind me of applying for the health insurance because one of my classmate was reminded about it yesterday. “My health is totally good, I do physical exercise everyday so I’m really fine, don’t need to buy health insurance. And I just don’t have much money to buy health insurance. Is it okay if I don’t pay any cent for the health insurance”, that’s what I was gonna say to her. Haha. But then, I quickly opened the letter and the pleasing feeling swept away my tiredness of being busy recently, being “dramatic-affected” from my sisters. The words ” The first prize” were enough for me to know what happened.

Furthermore, my knowledgeable, professional, lovely and friendly Chinese teacher came in with the cheering voice. She already knew the result and excitedly congratulate me. Feeling grateful.

Little happiness.

Little achievement.

Little motivation.

Little encouragement for me to keep believing in what I’m doing, keep trying.

Well done, dude!

Congratulation letter

Congratulation letter

My essay

My essay

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What is the World’s Most Influential Language?

I have been aware that I constantly try to be proficient at the two most influential languages in the world! China is predicted to be a booming economy this and next decades, competing against the huge US. The biggest economies that use either English language or Mandarin language. I’m on the way, “put on” seat belt”S” and stay ready!

Researchers at MIT are using Big Data in a quest to answer that very question.  Reasoning that the language that can reach the most people is the more influential, they used the number of translations as their data sets. Huge amounts of Data from Twitter, Wikipedia, and books were crunched.





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I. Chinese:

Food vocabulary

泡菜 -pao4cai4:  (noun) pickled vegetables – cải ngâm.

燒 – shao1:(verb)cook

薑 -jiang1:(noun)ginger.


II. English

Present continuous: 

We can use with adverbs such as always, constantly, continually or forever to emphasize that something is done so often that it is characteristic of a person, group, or thing:

You’re constantly changing your mind.

He’s always complaining everything.

Note for using After/the minute

When we use After, When, Until, As soon as, Once, By the time, The minute/second/Moment, after that is:

-The past simple – refers to past, completed events.

+ The minute I told her that I would I leave Vietnam to Taiwan, she decided to break up with me.

-The present perfect- refers to future events.

+ After I has left Taiwan, I will be having a great job in Vietnam.

Note for the first time

After the pattern It/This/That is/will be the first time -> use the present perfect.

(a past event) That’s the first time I have been to a concert of one of my favorite international singer.

(a future event) It will be the first time I has enjoyed Chinese New Year in Taiwan.

After the pattern It/This/That was the first time … we generally use the past perfect

This was the first time I’d gone up to the highest peak in Taiwan.



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I. Chinese language


1. 付 – fu4 (v) pay
2. 收 – shou1 (v) receive
3. 打折 da3zhe2 (vo)to discount
4. 美金 Mei3jin1 (noun) US Dollar
5. 台幣 tai2bi4 (noun)Taiwan Dollar
6. 拿 na2 (v) to take
7. 換 huan4 (v) to exchange
8. 銀行 yin2hang2 (noun) bank
9. 字典 zi4dian3 (noun) dictionary
10. 房租 fang2zu1 (noun) rental cost
11.電費 dian4fei4 (noun) the electricity bill
Making the paragraph: 

II. English Language


Advance grammar: 
1. The present continuous with some state verbs is used to emphasize a situation is temporary or for a period of time around the present.
I’m loving being alone. (Just for the time of being in Taiwan)
The song “Blank Space” of Taylor swift is sounding really good now. (Just for a period of time)
At the moment, I’m liking my new life at all. (Maybe Temporary)
2. Some verbs (find, realise, regret, think, understand) use the present continuous to emphasize that we have recently started to think about something or that we are not sure about something.
I regret that I decide to tell her the truth and I’m regretting my decision not to give her the chance to explain.
We rarely use (Agree, believe, conclude, know, prefer) with the present continuous.
3. Some verbs (apologize, deny, guarantee, promise, suggest) can be used with the present continuous to perform the action:
I’m suggesting her take that class to study Chinese.
4. Modals are often used with performatives to make what we say more tentative or polite
We WOULD advise you to go there on time.
I MUST beg you to keep this a secret.
Making the paragraph: 
I have been living in Taipei for 3 months and I’m loving being alone here. It’s okay to be alone because I’m liking my new life here. Not sure about settling down here but at least Taipei is so good so far compared to Vietnam (I’m not suggesting that Vietnam is a bad country to live). I’m still thinking about what kind of job I will work, I’m also realizing what kind of life I want to live. I believe I’m doing the right things in my life. I would remind you that we just only live once so shouldn’t spend your time to please anyone else but you.
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Finished the first Chinese course!

Thế là hôm nay, làm bài kiểm tra tốt đẹp và hoàn thành khóa học đầu tiên.

Ngày đầu tiên, vào lớp đứa nào cũng lạ mặt nhau, từng đứa tự tập giới thiệu “Wo jao..jiao…, Wo si…si…shi…” như mấy đứa tập nói, giờ có thể nói chuyện với nhau mà không cần dùng tiếng Anh nhưng vẫn cần học thêm nhiều.

Mỗi đứa mỗi nước khác nhau nhưng tính tình cực kì vui vẻ và hòa đồng, đặc biệt cô giáo phải gọi là thân thiện, hay pha trò và giỡn chung với mấy đứa. Lại thường xuyên mang bánh cho mấy đứa ăn. Lớp bữa nào cũng vui vẻ, chọc giỡn, trêu nhau. Mấy câu tiếng hoa thường dùng (haha): “Đi chết đi”, “tán gái”, “bắt cá hai tay”, “bạn gái”, “uống rượu”,”về nước rồi” ,”đi phố đèn đỏ”, “hư quá”…

Nhiều câu chuyện hài, kỉ niệm về lớp, và cũng như được học hỏi, biết thêm văn hóa, thông tin thú vị của nhiều nước.

Dù lớp kiểm tra hằng ngày, phải ôn bài mỗi ngày nhưng có lẽ do thích thú nên không thấy chán và áp lực gì/

Và thật sự thì đây là lớp học vui vẻ, “thư giãn”, hứng thú nhất từ trước đến giờ!

Tiếc là cô giáo không còn dạy ở trường này, dù sao hy vọng là vẫn tiếp tục học với mấy cậu này. Và đặc biệt mong lớp tiếp theo sẽ có thêm nữ. 5 năm trời toàn học với nam. Là sao, Là sao, Là sao …