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Bucket list 2018

It always better to break down something big into small things. So does the bucket list. To achieve something WOW, we need to achieve something just conventional in our life. Or for me, having a new healthy habit/routine is also an achievement. Below is my bucket list for 2018:

  1. Drink lemon water in 21 days
  2. Sleep by 12pm, wake up at 6.30 in 21 days
  3. Gain weight: 82kg (to lean down)
  4. Read at least 6 books in 3 months
  5. Meditate at least 10 minutes/day in 21 days
  6. Write blog 1 post/2 days in 21 days
  7. Do trial IELTs Test and score 8.0
  8. New home for
  9. Instagram for menimalism
  10. Make money with the first project by June
  11. Cross out Laos in my travel list – South East Asia countries (done)
  12. Experience snow in Korea
  13. Review the past day in 21 day

Goals in 2018

2017 is such a challenging year for me since I pushed myself to do something totally strange and different. Meeting many new people, working in different culture, try to work and live in different style… those experiences are somehow really extreme for me to see the scene of the society and understand better who I am and who I want to be …

So 2018, this year, I dedicated it to do WHATEVER I WANT TO DO/TRY not for the sake of money, fame, status, but for the calling of meaningful life, true self and the dreams I always want to make them come true.


  1. Living style:
    • Apply minimalism in all aspect of my life
    • “Healthy” factor: Sleep early, wake up early
    • Be tough and self-discipline to be kind: Willing to say “No”
    • Meditation: At least 10 minutes/day
  2. Career:
    • Full stack web developer (May 2018) with Graphic design skills
      • Get in a company that shares the same values
    • Experience blogger
    • Make money with the first project (June 2018)
  3. Language:
    • IELTS 8.0
  4. Extrovert side:
    • Embrace old and new true friends
    • Deeper connection with family