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That mug

She asked me: “Why still keep that mug of your ex”

I don’t know. I actually considered to put it out of my seen. But somehow I still want to keep it, use it to drink water or tea. That mug used to bring me little happiness when my ex gave it as a present.

Life keeps moving on. We live at the moment but should appreciate what happened in the past. Those things might be good or bad things but anyway, have taught us who we really are, how we actually want or don’t want in your “only-live-one” life.

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Little thought

Always wonder how I live and also how people around me are living right now?

Some live for the money. Some live for the fame. Some live for the power.

I’m “quite” overwhelmed by the social media, social online network right now. I’m afraid of people or also me included trying to fake my real identity, my real emotion and forgetting our real emotion, happiness, connection in deep.

So I have been wanting to be true to myself, to my emotion and to stick with what is already good, who is actually being at the moment, also be who they really are.


I want to speak fluently English 和中文. 私も日本語を勉強したいです

“Some people die at 25 and aren’t buried until 75.”

There is a saying:

“Some people die at 25 and aren’t buried until 75.” – Benjamin Franklin

For me, these people literally die before 25, not wait until 25. Cause they just didn’t do anything to be the one who decides his own life. The mark at 25 is just the point everything pumped to them and made them realise: “Oh I’m not able to change anything although I don’t like the things I’m doing”.

Actually, at any age, If you don’t like what you are doing, Change! Have courage to pursuit what you really want to do or even start finding what it is.

Never too late to live the way you want.

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Encouragement instead of judgement

Getting over some fears inside me and I feel the criticism people did to me in the past, it’s really really evil.

They criticized me, they abused me for me being not perfect. One particular example, my weird voice. I got so much trouble with my voice since I was a little kid. With speech disorder, I always mispronounce every single word. And honestly, my voice was little feminine so they kept abusing me by laughing at my voice. I couldn’t do any thing by holding myself not talking any words, by feeling nervous every time I speak up a word, worrying people will laugh at my voice. Even when I reached the age of puberty, my voice was cracked and changed. (During that time, my teacher abused me by calling me “drake’s voice”) Even my Vietnamese pronunciation was improved a lot, but my self-esteem and my fear always keep me hiding in corners.

But I did make a fight, showed them that I was not behind of them.


When I was a kid, I was so different to many of them. People thought I’m nothing but with speech disorder. I was so much behind of them.

And now, I was still so different to many of them. But I have done many better than them. And this never-give-up spirit will keep me going further.

So please! If you can read it, please don’t kill the confidence of anyone by criticizing them, saying bad words to their imperfection. Because you just make them hold them back, even leading to suicide. Especially to the kids, they are really easily vulnerable and still need time to be their own awesomeness.

Let’s encourage people to be imperfect, to be themselves, to shine in their own lights. And even in daily life, just some encouraging words can instantly make people feel great and yes, it’s a good day for them and for you.

From Google Image

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When you are afraid of telling your bad thing to someone, it means that person already lose the trust from you.

If you want to settle down with the present, don’t change
If you want to take a higher step, Change, Move, Improve, Strengthen!

Time flies so fast

Yes. I still remember the first day I just came to Taiwan, was excited to start my days in Taiwan. And now, it’s my last night in Taiwan.

My feeling is … weird now. Sad and empty. I feel like I still can’t believe that I’m gonna leave when I wake up tomorrow.

So many good things I did in Taiwan, many beautiful places I have been to and many good friends I luckily know them.

I have learnt and somehow changed my thought, my mindset about everything, everyone around me.

I can’t say more while many things are recalled, pop up and down.

Thanks a lot Taiwan, especially my good friends. I’ll miss everyone a lot. Will see you guys soon. Definitely.

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The best things in life are unexpected.

I suddenly asked my friend today: Do you have any plan next years? Do you know what things are coming up to you? My friend smiles: Yeah! You know: the best things in life are unexpected.

I couldn’t agree more with his answer. Yes. So so so many good things, good friends have came to me that I really didn’t expect  much.

I think we can’t know what it will be tomorrow, next months, next years. So just live passionately and authentically. Put your effort and your soul into your work, your people. and The good expected will come up to you.


Time flies rapidly, it’s May 7 days already that I didn’t realize. Quite many (expected and unexpected) things came up to me all in May. My current schedule can’t be less busy as I thought.

While dealing with these things, my emotion is moved by my great people around and how life it is.

Just overwhelmed and up until now. 
Life treats you well when you live passionately.