Why needs a smart watch/activity tracker?

Having a break time now, I’m thinking about smartwatch or fitness tracker. They are getting popular now since everyone easily has Xiaomi Band, Apple Watch, Misfit. I call them “toy” in this post. For me, it’s just a toy and not necessary … at all , compared to other classic and simple watch. Why needContinue reading “Why needs a smart watch/activity tracker?”

Apple just released a great new Macbook and costly Apple Watch!

I’m impressed and attracted to the design philosophy and also how “smart” and beautiful Apple devices are. With the new release today for the new Macbook and Apple Watch. For me, the new Macbook is really stunning for its thinnest, lightest, redesigned keyboard and appearance, longer battery, and especially for its Retina Display. But theContinue reading “Apple just released a great new Macbook and costly Apple Watch!”