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My … wedding photos

Woah. Time flies. And it’s time for me to get married and settle down. First thing for that is taking some wedding photos for the party.



Noooooo. I’m just a 23-year-old guy. So there’s no point for a young guy like me in getting married so early. Hehe. So many things to do, so many places to go…. Well. just my excuses for being single and alone now. Poor me.

Back to the subject. I was happy to have my close friend back to my hometown. We went to the Ho Tram beach to support her colleague to take wedding album.

It’s the first time I played as a best man (“rể phụ” in Vietnamese) in that album. After taking the “Main” album, I and my girl (friend) decided to take our photos. It’s really fun to do something you haven’t done.

So I was the stylist and also set up tripod upon the ideas. Below is the result.





If you want to hire a creative stylist or photographer, contact me. Good price for you. Haha.

If you like me to be your own groom, text me an intimate message. Haha.


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