What is the World’s Most Influential Language?

I have been aware that I constantly try to be proficient at the two most influential languages in the world! China is predicted to be a booming economy this and next decades, competing against the huge US. The biggest economies that use either English language or Mandarin language. I’m on the way, “put on” seatContinue reading “What is the World’s Most Influential Language?”

I. Chinese language Vocabulary  1. 付 – fu4 (v) pay 我們一塊去買書。你付一半,我付一半。好不好? 2. 收 – shou1 (v) receive 我們不受信用卡。 3. 打折 da3zhe2 (vo)to discount 這個打折嗎? 這個打八折。 4. 美金 Mei3jin1 (noun) US Dollar 我要換兩百美金。 5. 台幣 tai2bi4 (noun)Taiwan Dollar 一塊美金多少台幣? 6. 拿 na2 (v) to take 誰拿我的課本了? 7. 換 huan4 (v) to exchange 你好。我要換現金。 8. 銀行 yin2hang2Continue reading