Yeppp! My first little achievement in studying Chinese

It’s so pleased, grateful and especially motivating to receive this letter knowing that I eventually won the first prize on essay competition in elementary level (I just started to study Chinese for 4 months from ZERO). Step into the class, sit down and suddenly, a women working at the office (I met her several timesContinue reading “Yeppp! My first little achievement in studying Chinese”

Chinese learning review: 2 weeks

Until today, I have taken Chinese class for 2 weeks. so how do I feel? First, my class: – My teacher is really funny and so nice to us. Even she is about 36 year old but she looks still young and always be full of energy. She usually say “Hen hao” or “Fei changContinue reading “Chinese learning review: 2 weeks”

Conquer Mandarin Chinese in 9 months!

I haven’t stayed in Taiwan for almost 2 weeks and got used to the living here. But the big trouble here is still Chinese communication. I learned to say “你好 (hello) ! 尼號碼? (how are you) 多少? (how much) 謝謝 (thank you), 哈哈 (haha) . 不客氣! (You’re welcome) and how to count number from 1 toContinue reading “Conquer Mandarin Chinese in 9 months!”