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Happiness is all in your mind

Our mind is like a balloon blowing in the air and it’s affected by so many external circumstances.

So to be happy regardless of the outside. we should:

  • Stop outsourcing out happiness/unhappiness
  • Actively cultivate a source of peace and happiness coming from our inside.

It’s about how we respond to external circumstances, and the best way is to practise mediation, a mental action of concentrating on a peaceful positive state of mind.

Let’s do meditation at least 10 minutes/day. Wish you happiness in your mind.



Bhutan isn’t just carbon neutral

Tshering Tobgay, the prime minister of Bhutan shares about his country, “The last shangri la”. While many countries focuses on increasing GDP (Gross Domestic Product), money and money, Bhutan focuses on GNH (Gross National Happiness), on sustainable development. If you can see how HAPPY people in western countries, America or Asian developed countries like Singapore, Japan is, compare to how gently happy and satisfied Bhutan or less developing country is, you can see it does make sense to think GNH is much more important to GDP.

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The single biggest reason why startups succeed

For those who do startup, 5 key factors will boost the success: Timing, Team, Idea, Business Model, Funding. Let’s find out which one gets the highest priority so you need to take it more serious.

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How to speak so that people want to listen by Julian Treasure

Check out this amazing TED Talk:

Its such simple tips to remember but take time to practice and apply it into our talks.

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