Photos going along with memories

Re-installed Windows operating system for my old laptop and carelessly deleted the storage of ALL pictures I have taken for more than 7 years . Thank God that I could restored at least 70% of pics (but still sad for the left photos I couldn’t save) . Looking through all pictures sorted by date is also to see how life has been changing day by day with some remarkably happy and also badly sad, trouble moments, to appreciate someone coming to or just crossing by my life.

One of the times I traveled around alone as usually with a camera (The way I take some picture made people feel me as a journalist but actually, just a curious guy), I had an unexpected but interesting conversation with the little girl in the picture selling some crafts. After that conversation, I asked her allowance to take a picture. And this pic also have a strong attraction like a magnet.

Looking at her eyes and specially the baby girl on her back. Something is spoken by their eyes.


Speaking eyes
Speaking eyes

When you want to know anybody, looking at the eyes of that person.

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