Bucket list: #41. Be naked on a beach

Finally, I did one more thing in my bucket list:
#41. Be naked on a beach

It’s an exploring to one to TOP 10 the wildest beaches in the world chosen by BBC. Even the tide was so strong but it’s still amazing to be there. No people around. So I couldn’t hold myself from going swimming in the sea. On purpose, I took off all my clothes to be naked. To be completely wild in this scenery, to be free, to experience and to complete one thing in my bucket list.
How did I feel? I felt a bit embarrassed but more excited haha. And how about my feeling in the sea? AWESOME and…. FREE

Get Naked (Tắm tiên)
Get Naked (Tắm tiên)

2 responses to “Bucket list: #41. Be naked on a beach”

    1. Bạn thân em :)). Ý em ngoài tụi em ra ko còn ai trên bãi haha

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